Are your students looking for experience in real science and engineering laboratories, and the opportunity to perform cutting-edge research at the US Air Force’s graduate school …and get paid?

Apply On-Line Today!
Must be a U.S. Citizen
Application Deadline: 10 February 2012
We are seeking Undergraduate Science and Engineering Students in the following areas:
	• Science
	• Computer Science · Materials Science · Mathematics
	• Operations Research · Physics
	• Engineering
	• Aeronautical · Astronautical · Electrical & Computer
	• Mechanical · Nuclear · Systems 
For immediate access to the on-line application form for the summer internship program, or for more information please visit our website:  

Student application deadline will be 10 February 2012 
Any questions or concerns regarding the Summer Internship Program may be directed to me, [log in to unmask] 
Sheryl S. Kent
Director, Educational Partnerships
Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education
p: (937) 258-8890 ext. 105
f: (937) 258-8899