BSCI 348A = Microbiology Teaching Practicum - Microbiology Teaching Internship– 3 credits* –


   *earn 3 credits that can be used to fulfill the enrichment credit requirement for all Biological Sciences Majors;

   *work side by side with a Graduate Teaching Assistant in a BSCI223 or BSCI283 lab to help students learn microbiology;

   *work with faculty to develop and implement new teaching strategies.

TO APPLY – send an email to [log in to unmask]

Subject line: UTA Spring2012
In your note provide:
 * your gpa,
 * the list of BSCI courses that you have completed (or are enrolled in),
 * a brief statement that describes why you would like to be a UTA,
 * lab sections of BSCI223/283 offered in the spring that you could attend.

*Students must have completed BSCI 223 or BSCI283 with a grade of A or B*.Third and Fourth year students with a strong desire to develop skills in microbiology and communication with an overall grade point average of 3.0 or greater will be favored.


Student in medical school:
“ I'm applying for a fellowship through the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for a community service project which I developed with a few other medical students ….my experience as a UTA really contributed to the project that I am proposing in my application.”

Student in graduate school:
“I think the experience of UTAing made me a better candidate [for graduate school]… this week my first paper came out!”

Student accepted to 3 physical therapy schools:
“I think my experiences.. at Maryland, including ... my UTA experience, really had a lot to do with my acceptances..  I learned so much as a UTA and it was a great leadership experience.”

Student accepted to optometry school:
“my interviewers loved hearing about how the [UTA] program worked and what we learned and gained”

Richard Stewart ([log in to unmask])
Associate Professor
Dept of Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics 
University of Maryland, College Park MD 20742