HPAO Advising Structure Changes

Please note that the Health Professions Advising Office advising structure will be changing, effective November 28th, 
2011. The new structure will be as follows:

Nick Celedón: Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors (Pre-MED/DENT/OPT/POD)
Wendy Loughlin: Juniors, Seniors, and Alumni (Pre-MED/DENT/OPT/POD)
Andrew Sanchez: Allied Health, Science in the Evening, and Degree-Seeking Post-Baccs

Freshmen Pre-Med/Dent/Opt/Pod will be seen through Freshman Small-Group Advising Sessions.

Prior to November 28th, walk-ins and appointments will remain in the current structure. 

Please refer to the Pre-Health Advising page for further information about walk-in times and 
appointments: http://prehealth.umd.edu/aboutus/prehealthadvising. Please refer to this page 
prior to coming to walk-ins, since cancelations and changes are always posted here. If you have 
any questions, please call 301-405-7805.