The Eistophos Club for women in science which was founded in 1893.  They are a
group of (mostly) older scientists and professors who meet periodically
during the year for journal club-style science talks in a relaxed, social
setting.  They are interested in making the club better-known to U.
Maryland students, who they believe might benefit from hearing first-hand
from professional role models about what it's like to work in science
(including the historical perspective).  Most of the Eistophos members
have a biology background, but they are interested in exploring other
scientific fields as well.

Open meeting this Friday from 1-3pm at the Glen
Echo Town Hall; 6106 Harvard Ave; Glen Echo, MD 20812.  The two short
research talks will be about chronobiology and about fish populations.
There will be another open meeting in January at the Friendship Heights
library.  Email address for questions is [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>