The dominant force that is the Faux Paz began in 1993, when three fine
ladies decided they could form a coed a cappella group from scratch (with
the aide of duct tape and strong twine). Since then, the group has ruled
the a cappella domain with their bone-crushing arrangements and crisp tone.
The only thing that matches their hot singing is their devastatingly good
looks. They do it all, from rising goddess Florence and the Machine to
sultry Adele, and from player-hater Kanye West to the international demigod
that is CELION DION! See what America is saying about the Faux:

"I saw the Faux Paz perform last night, and that J.S. Bach guy sounds like
quite the amateur now."
- Joe Sangmore, U.S. News & A Cappella Report

Wanna hear us? Come to Memorial Chapel THIS SATURDAY for just $5! Doors
open at 7:15 pm, and the show starts at 7:30 pm. Prepare to have your mind

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