ENES489Q or BIOE460
Biotechnology & BioProduction
This hands-on laboratory experience will be especially valuable to students interested in a career in biotechnology or biomanufacturing. The following will be covered: genetic engineering and gene splicing, cell isolation, creating and maintaining a cell bank, inoculum and media development, bioreactor design, fermentation, chromatography and other protein purification, ultrafiltration operation, cell harvesting and product recovery.
This 3-credit Winter Term course will meet five afternoons per week for three weeks. Instruction will combine classroom lectures with practical lab exercises. Students work through a “production campaign” from expression system in E. coli to a vialed protein product. Both laboratory and business aspects will be stressed in the course. This is an excellent opportunity for students looking for a career in biotechnology. Job placement assistance is available for students excelling in this course.
All majors welcome.
Thanks for any help.
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