ENST 499M Environmental Microbiology  3 credits
Instructor:                 Stephanie Yarwood
                           0206 HJ Patterson Hall
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                           (301) 405-1345
Time:              MW 2:00-3:15 pm
Room:             HJP 1125

Course Description:
Microorganisms are everywhere and mediate many of the processes that we observe everyday.  These organisms are the unseen catalysts for numerous industrial processes and are critical to many emerging technologies and novel products.  Among the questions environmental microbiologists ask is: How do microorganisms in the environment benefit society?  This course will attempt to answer this question by examining the importance of microorganisms to areas that include: bioremediation, food safety and production, climate change, and biotechnology.  Students in this course will gain an understanding of where microbiology fits into broader discussions of sustainability, green technology, and human and environmental health.  This course is designed for undergraduates in a variety of environmental and life science majors that desire to better understand how knowledge of microorganisms can improve the lives of humans and the environment around us.
Prerequisites:           BSCI 105 of equivalent and CHEM 131/132