AspenTech has openings in both development and product management in the area of advanced process control. We are seeking advanced degree graduates for these positions. The development position will involve design, development, and maintenance of our advanced process control software products. In order to create next generation process control software, an emphasis will be placed on simplifying the user experience through sophisticated algorithm development and intuitive UI workflows. The position requires a sound understanding of control theory as well as a desire to generate intuitive software solutions for complex tasks. The product management position will involve working on the UI and workflow aspects of APC use case development, under the direction of the Product Director. Emphasis is on learning the APC software suite initially with limited access to training classes or manuals, using only help files, and acting as a surrogate for an inexperienced first time user, with the objective to document the aspects of the workflow that is non-intuitive or particularly difficult, and create training content specifically aimed at first time users. The incumbent will assist in UI specification writing as part of use case development, and usability testing of the redesigned workflow and UI and the next generation of online training content. Location: Houston, TX If you are interested please send a copy of your resume to: [log in to unmask] Aspen Technology is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer Additionally, AspenTech is seeking bachelor degree candidates in Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Human Factors/User Interfaces and Business. Candidates interested in these areas should visit the careers page on the AspenTech web page (