SPC presents the Annual Pi Day Celebration with FREE PIE AND ICE CREAM on
Wednesday, March 14. Pie is served on the dot at 3:14PM in the Anne Arundel
Basement Lounge. In addition to nomming on pie, there will also be two
contests: a Pie Eating Contest (See who has the biggest appetite!) and a Pi
Recital Contest (See who is the most savvy with their constants and knows
the most digits of pi!). The contests are open to ALL students. Both
contests start around 3:45PM, and there will be prizes!

To register for either event, e-mail us your name: [log in to unmask] Pi
Day is open to everyone. We're getting more pies, but remember, pie runs
out quickly!!! First come, first serve!

FB Event: http://www.facebook.com/events/261881717224828/?ref=ts