Recruitment #2012-03-7059, 7060
Application deadline April 2, 2012

$2,663­ $3,459 per month ($2,583 ­ $3,355 with 3% temporary reduction)

Permanent seasonal career, Full-time. Season runs May 2012 ­ December 2012,
8 months. Season may be extended.

The primary task is to analyze (post-process) underwater videographic data
collected by boat. These data are used to quantify eelgrass abundance as one
of the main indicators of habitat health for the Nearshore Habitat Programıs
Submerged Vegetation Monitoring Program (SVMP). The incumbents will be
required to maintain a high level of accuracy and attention to detail when
classifying the videography data. Other duties include: approximately 20-25
days of field work (up to seven consecutive days) between May and September,
managing incoming data files from field sampling, updating and maintaining
databases, performing summary statistics and creating summary tables,
performing quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) procedures, writing
procedures and internal reports on work performed.
Under the supervision of a senior level scientist, this position works with
a team of scientists to assess the status and trends of marine and estuarine
resources in Washington State. The Nearshore Habitat Program inventories and
monitors intertidal and shallow subtidal marine and estuarine areas for a
wide range of management and scientific purposes.

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