Are you part of a student group working to address public health challenges
in your community or around the world ? Consider acting as a student
speaker at the 2012 Ignite Global Health even on Monday, April, 2012.

Ignite Global Health provides a platform for students interested in
engaging in innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to today’s global
health challenges to share their stories, ignite conversation about these
challenges and inspire more students to take action. Ashoka Terp
Changemakers invites you, or any other member of your organization to
deliver a 13 minute TED-style talk that showcases what your organization is
doing to address today’s global health challenges. If your student group is
interested in being featured in this year’s event, we invite you to submit
an interest form at by Friday, March 10, 2012.

Manka Banda
B.A. Global Public Health, Expected May 2012
B.S. General Biology
International Development and Conflict Management minor
University of Maryland
College Park, MD, 20740