A course titled "Rise of the Machines" (CMSC 289I) is being offered this
coming Fall. This course introduces the basic ideas underlying attempts
to produce machine intelligence, including logic, search, cognitive modeling,
brain modeling, and artificial life. We consider what it means to say that
a machine can be intelligent, and the implications/dangers of AI in general.
We also examine how existing AI technology differs from that presented in
science fiction literature and film. The material is presented at a level
intended to be appropriate for undergraduates in general. No previous
computer programming experience is needed, but we do assume students know
how to use a computer (Windows, Mac OS/X, or Linux), a browser, email, and
basic word processing (e.g., MS Word). High school algebra and a basic
knowledge of probabilities are also needed. The course satisfies CORE
requirements in Mathematics or Formal Reasoning.  A syllabus and further
information will be available soon under Class Web Pages Fall 2012 off of
the computer science department's web page http://www.cs.umd.edu