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Call for Papers & Digital Projects: Digital / Media Literacy and Civic

The Knight School of Communication at Queens University of Charlotte
invites submissions for original manuscripts and creative digital
projects (such as any combination of critical videos commentaries,
podcasts, documentaries, interactive websites, webinars, etc.) to be
reviewed through a blind, peer-review process. The online journal will
focus on the merging fields of digital and media literacy and civic
engagement. Broadly defined, digital and media literacy includes the
ability to access, share, analyze, and create digital information,
whereas civic engagement refers to how individuals and organizations
work to improve civic life in various communities. The journal will
publish submissions that consider how and where digital and media
literacy intersect with civic engagement. For example, to what extent do
civic-minded organizations use media technology-and to what effect? Why
does digital media literacy matter for the community? How do media
literacy organizations engage participants in civic opportunities?  How
are digital media a source of information and an infrastructure for
community discourse?

Manuscripts should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document in 12-point
Times New Roman font and adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style.
Manuscript content must meet a Flesch Test readability score of 35 or
better to ensure the broadest possible audience. (We hope this inspires
authors to write in such a way that includes-and welcomes-the audience
about which they research. You can check a document's readability score
in MS Word.) Manuscripts and digital projects will be accepted and
published in our online Knight Vision Journal on a rolling basis.
Lastly, we need book reviewers for the journal as well.

If you have questions or to submit/apply - please contact Dr. Alexis
Carreiro, Editor: [log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>

Dr. Alexis Carreiro
Queens University of Charlotte
Knight School of Communication
Dana Hall 110A
Charlotte, NC 28274
(704) 688 - 2733

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