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Subject: CLIR-funded Museum Archivist opening
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Museum Archivist - #12-156

University of California, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology

The Museum of Vertebrate Zoology (MVZ) is a national leader among
natural history museums, housing one of the top six vertebrate
collections in the US. In addition to our collections of birds,
mammals, amphibians and reptiles, MVZ houses an extensive archival
collection of fieldnotes, photos, maps, etc. Recently we received
external funding from the Council on Library Information and Resources
to continue and enhance the digitization, cataloging and integration
of the archives with online museum and archival databases. This is a
temporary, 75-100% Assistant Librarian appointment starting August 1,
2012 with a salary range of $47,544 (Step I) or $48,504 (Step II),
commensurate with experience.

The Museum Archivist is a key component of the MVZ Archives and will
supply expertise which currently does not exist in the MVZ. The
integration and curation of the Archives is essential for it provides
the historic and field context for its specimen collection and
database, and thus is a fundamental component of MVZ?s uniquely
valuable collection. It is the primary resource for data quality
validation critical to our research mission and ongoing maintenance of
our collection database. The Archives and its integration with the
specimen collection will affect research worldwide as both the
academic and public access to our collections has steadily grown with
increased access. A properly curated archive is essential for the
leadership role MVZ has in the academic community and key to the
ongoing success of its research mission.

The Museum Archivist will work with the PIs and the Project
Coordinator in a variety of grant activities primarily using their
expertise in the archival domain to help assess cataloging protocols,
metadata values and best practices in physically securing documents,
long-term storage and retrieval, etc. The position will help recruit,
train and supervise archival interns from San Jose State University
School of Library and Information Science program. We also expect this
position to act as a liaison to the UC Berkeley Bancroft Library,
Online Archive of California, other Berkeley Natural History Museums
(especially the UCMP and the UC and Jepson Herbaria), the San Jose
State University School of Library and Information Science, and other
digital archival projects (e.g., Biodiversity Heritage Library,
California Academy of Sciences, U.S. National Museum).

The successful candidate will directly report to the Principal
Investigator on the Council on Library and Information Resources grant
and fall under the academic Librarian series. In addition, there will
be an indirect reporting relationship to the Committee on Appointment,
Promotion, and Advancement (CAPA) and to the Librarian Association of
the University of California (LAUC-B) reflecting the position's
inclusion under the Academic Librarian Series. UC Berkeley librarians
are expected to participate in library-wide planning and governance,
to work effectively in a shared decision-making environment and to be
active professionally. Professional librarians at UC are academic
appointees and are represented by an exclusive bargaining agent,
University Council-American Federation of Teachers (UC-AFT).

Minimum qualifications: ALA-accredited MLIS, or relevant Master's
degree with coursework in archives management or at least 2 years of
equivalent work experience. Ability to perform detailed-oriented
tasks with irreplaceable material and data. Demonstrated experience
in an archives or Special Collections arranging and describing
archival collections; demonstrated experience applying EAD. Preferred
qualifications: General knowledge of scanning, current scanning
standards, and electronics records management and databases. Knowledge
of, or experience in digital archive preservation. Familiarity with
DarwinCore metadata standards. Knowledge of vertebrate natural history
and ecology are useful.

Applications must include a cover letter, CV, and three professional
references. The cover letter should address interest in and vision
for the intersection of library information sciences and natural
history museums. Applicants should refer references to the UC
Berkeley Statement of Confidentiality found at
http://apo.chance.berkeley.edu/evalltr.html. Applications must be
sent to the attention of Sandra Richmond, Research Enterprise
Services, 3101A VLSB, Berkeley, CA 94720-3160. Electronic submissions
are acceptable, but all materials must be uploaded into Adobe PDF and
sent to [log in to unmask]"> [log in to unmask], with the subject: MVZ ARCHIVES ?
[Applicant Name].

Deadline for applications is June 18, 2012. Review of applications
will begin immediately.

See the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology website
(http://mvz.berkeley.edu/) for more details.
The University of California is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative
Action Employer and encourages qualified women and minority candidates
to apply.