We appreciate the response that we've received from industry and academia for this special issue of CEP. Please be aware of the upcoming deadlines for this issue that are listed below.  Please contact one of the guest editors by July 15 if you are planning to submit a contribution.


CEP Special Issue

Applications of Advanced Process Control Technology on Industrial Systems


15 July 2012 - submit a title or abstract to one of the guest editors

15 Aug 2012 - due date for paper submissions

1 April 2013 - final decision on publication acceptance June 2013 - expected publication date




Dear Colleagues:


We would like to solicit contributions to a special issue in Control Engineering Practice Journal on "Applications of Advanced Process Control Technology on Industrial Systems ".


Despite twenty plus years of commercial applications of APC technology on various industrial processes there are still so many unresolved challenges at every stage of application design and deployment (test signal design, system identification, ensuring stability, handling infeasibilities, performance assessment etc.).  APC practice has become partially ‘an art’

because of so many unpublished/unreported/scantily referenced ‘best



At the same time the number of new processes that are being automated and optimized every year is growing exponentially and so are the challenges associated with successful APC application development and deployment. For example, control and optimization of the main fractionator or downstream gas concentration unit in a Coker plant is plagued by huge persistent cyclic disturbances arising from various events in coking drums.  In a dry wall production plant, variable belt conveyor speed introduces a variable dead-time, variable time constant process system for the control of degree of crystallization and/or degree of drying. In a liquid-liquid extractor unit huge energy and material recycles pose a stiff control problem with a dense cause-effect matrix.  This list adds up very quickly. 


The special issue is aimed at bringing forward various challenges that are encountered in deployment of large scale industrial APC applications and how they were addressed, what are the new challenges and possible solutions.  This opens up a new avenue for academicians, researchers and industrial practitioners to choose and work on immediately applicable control engineering research and present better solutions.  The special issue can become a good repository for best practices in APC application

design and deployment on energy systems.  

The due date for submissions is August 15, 2012. Authors are encouraged to notify one of the Guest Editors indicating their intention to submit a paper by July 15, 2012. Submissions will be peer reviewed and authors will be notified of the final decisions no later than April 1, 2013. Expected publication of the special issue is June 2013.

Papers must contain high-quality original contributions and be prepared in accordance with the CEP standards. Papers must be submitted using EES system (http://ees.elsevier.com/conengprac/default.asp).  While submitting papers please submit them under EES submission group “Special Issue Advanced Process Control”.  Further instructions to authors can be found at http://www.elsevier.com/wps/find/journaldescription.cws_home/123/authorinstructions


For additional information, please contact one of the Guest Editors.


Best regards,


John Hedengren

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering

Brigham Young University

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Rui Huang

United Technologies Research Center

East Hartford, CT, USA

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Srinivas Karra

Applied Manufacturing Technologies

Houston, TX, USA

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Jie Yu

Department of Chemical Engineering

McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

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