Department of Energy Initiative at Massachusetts Institute of Technology is looking for qualified applicants for a post-doctoral position in the area of biomass to liquid fuels conversion. Job Title: Post-doctoral Researcher (full time) Employer: MIT Energy Initiative, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MITei) Location: Cambridge, MA, United States Duration of appointment: 2 years Description This process-simulation-intensive research position will be responsible for comparison of thermochemical pathways for converting biomass to transportation fuels. The work will involve integrated flowsheet simulation of processes including biomass pretreatment, gasification, syngas conditioning, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and upgrading. In this research program, multiple configurations of Biomass-to-Liquids will be analyzed. The analysis will include capital cost estimation and economic analysis. The work will also involve analysis of the impact of scale on feedstock cost and on the plant economics. This work will be executed in conjunction with colleagues working on the life cycle analysis of the upstream biomass supply and of the conversion process itself. Work experience requirements: - Prior experience in biomass gasification and related processes - Experience in process modeling using Aspen Plus - Prior experience in capital cost estimations Education requirements: - PhD Degree in Chemical Engineering Interested candidates can respond by sending their CV along with a cover letter to Navid Seifkar at [log in to unmask]