Project Hello Stranger is a new student organization by a group of UMD
students who want to see a happier campus. As like in many cities, we are
often forced into building a wall around us due to the competition that we
are used to in school and work which permeates through our lives. However,
we know that within these walls lie big hearts and we aim to break them

This movement involves lots of strategies and engagement of UMD students
mainly through social media as we carry out different activities to get
students to show their soft and friendly side. We believe that a simple act
of kindness can spread throughout campus.

Project Hello Stranger wants to see every student on campus smiling and
greeting one another without the awkward stigma. We are looking for active
and joyful leaders to help move this movement forward! Please send an email
to [log in to unmask] to set up a meeting!

Thank you,

Project Hello Stranger