Praxair, Inc
        Senior Engineer - Advanced Process Control & Optimization
                            Houston, TX

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Job Description:  Primarily responsible for applying chemical engineering, 
system optimization, statistical and control principles in designing and 
implementing advanced process control and optimization applications. 
Specifically, this will entail conceptualizing, defining, designing, 
simulating, commissioning and supporting technical control aspects of 
Hydrogen/Carbon Monoxide (HyCO) plant operations. . Candidate will pro-
actively monitor different HyCO plants on a day to day basis to identify 
operational gaps and opportunities for efficiency improvement. Areas of 
involvement will include process modeling and dynamic analysis, state-of-
the-art model predictive control, plant-wide control, real time 
optimization and performance monitoring of plant production efficiency.

This challenging position requires project-specific deliverables on a 
quarterly cycle. Will be responsible for project design decisions and 
delivering results quickly while meeting performance, schedule and budget 
constraints. Candidate must have excellent people skills and is expected 
to coordinate with multiple organizations in Praxair such as operations, 
engineering, R&D, business development, etc.

Requirements and Qualifications: BS, MS or PhD in Chemical Engineering 
with 5+ years of experience in advanced process control and optimization 
-Functional and working knowledge of model-based advanced (centralized 
multivariable) process control & optimization theory.  Experience with 
model predictive control software (DMC+, SMOC, RMPCT) and/or mathematical 
modeling and optimization software (RTOpt, AMS Optimizer Suite, CPLEX, 
GAMS) preferred.
-Plant operating or new plant start-up experience - i.e. functional 
process knowledge
-Basic familiarity with plant instrumentation systems, primary control 
loop tuning, safety and work procedures in a plant environment and 
statistical principles for use in plant data analysis.
-Working knowledge of steady-state and dynamic process analysis using off-
line process simulation tools and computer control optimization techniques
-Experience using various programming languages, e.g. FORTRAN, Visual 
Basic, C, C++
Candidate must be capable of leading a small project execution team. 
Ability to work on multiple projects at a time and mentoring junior 
engineers is desired. 25% domestic and international travel is typical.

How to Apply:  Applications may be submitted by e-mail to: 
[log in to unmask], please note to state in your e-mail your salary