Did you know that nobody knows exactly how the flu is spread? Join the
historic UMD Got Flu? Study, that aims to uncover when and how the flu
virus is transmitted. You do not need to have to the flu to join, all you
need is a computer or smart phone. It takes less than 5 minutes to register
online and even less time to answer our two weekly questions regarding any
flu symptoms you may have (only 2 clicks a week!!). Simple, quick, and easy!

To register for the Got Flu? surveillance study, go to
By answering the two weekly questions you are entered into the following

Each week, four $25 drawings

Every four weeks, two $75 drawings

In January, two iPad drawings

If you catch the flu, donít wait! You could be compensated $20-100 in cash
to submit samples. Call 424-2GOTFLU or go to
to register and help make scientific history!