Dear Colleague:

We are planning to publish a collection of papers in memory of Professors
David M. Himmelblau of the University of Texas and Gary J. Powers of
Carnegie Mellon University.  Dr. Thomas Edgar of the University of Texas and
I take great pleasure in inviting you to participate in a special issue of
I&EC Research that recognizes their contributions to chemical engineering.  

I hope that you will be able to submit an original research paper, short
communication or review article for this issue.  I would be glad to discuss
with you whether a particular alternative would be appropriate or not.  Of
course, all papers will be peer reviewed and, to be published, they must
meet all the standards of this journal.  Please let us know by replying to
this email if you wish to submit a manuscript for this special issue and
what the approximate title will be.   Manuscripts should be prepared in the
format described at,
on the I&EC Research web site. 

We have set May 1, 2013 as the deadline for submission of manuscripts.  We
feel this will give most people adequate time; however, we encourage
submission before this date if that is convenient. Please submit your
manuscript electronically using the ACS Paragon Plus System:  We will then proceed with the review
process, revisions and final decisions aiming for publication in the Winter
of 2014.  Please note that papers will become available individually on-line
as soon as they are accepted.

I hope you will agree to participate in the David Himmelblau/Gary Powers
Memorial Issue and that I can have your answer as soon as possible so that
we can initiate the necessary planning.

Very truly yours,

Donald R. Paul, Editor
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research

Susan Chapman, Editorial Assistant
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research