We are a team of students taking WMST298D who are conducting a health and
fitness survey for our final project. The survey is focused on the health
and athletic culture at the University of Maryland. Specifically, we want
to gather responses from students at UMD (you!) to see if there has been a
cultural shift in what is considered "attractive" of females. To make it
easy, we've made a survey with a series of questions that can gauge
attitudes toward athletici sm and female bodies. In addition to voicing
your thoughts, you can enter your email at the end of the survey in order
to WIN A $50 AMAZON.COM <http://amazon.com/> GIFT CARD! And this is just in
time for the holiday season! The survey can be taken here:


The survey is open until December 8th, 2012. A winner of our $50 Amazon.com
Gift Card will be notified by email.

Thank you for your participation!

Subhashree Nayak, Harold Jimenez, Milana Shapsay

Subhashree Nayak
University of Maryland '15
(240) 695-3921