Peer Assisted Learning Program (PAL) in the Learning Assistance Service

PAL Peer Educators
PAL is designed around the concept of students assisting their peers in
reaching their short and long-term academic goals. Through LAS, PAL peer
educators volunteer to participate in a comprehensive training program and
assist fellow university students in improving their study skills, gaining
confidence in their scholastic abilities, and providing tips and
techniques for continuing academic success.

PAL educators have the opportunity to receive official LAS Peer Educator
Certification and/or College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA)šs
International Mentor Training Program Certification (IMTPC). In addition,
PALs can receive 1 or 3 upper-level credits.

PAL is currently accepting applications for the Spring 2013 term.
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The final deadline for
Spring 2013 is Wednesday January 30, 2013.

Anyone can meet with a PAL Peer Educator- FREE!
Courses in which PALs can help will vary; in general, PALs are available
to assist with lower level (100-200) undergraduate courses.
Students may meet with a PAL as little or as much as needed to reach their
academic goals. 
Students may make an appointment on our website, contact the PAL
coordinator, or the LAS office.

For more information please contact:  Paola Hernandez at [log in to unmask]
Visit the website: