I am writing to introduce the academic journal Architecture_MPS and its librarian-run research repository


The primary focus of the journal and repository is architecture but they also cover the fields of the media, politics and the social sciences. The project involves the publication of academic articles in the journal and the archiving of research materials in the repository. It is run in collaboration with Ravensbourne University College, UK, Florida State University and California Institute of the Arts, US.


In the coming weeks we will launch an interns’ scheme for current students and recent graduates in the field of  library and information studies and would like to give you information on this.


The internships would correspond to the three primary sections of the resource repository but would also extend to cover other activities - including the use of social media, copy-editing, peer-reviewing articles for the repository, and more.


It is our intention to be flexible with regards the specifics of each internship and the scheme can be integrated into a current program for course credit, or we can offer it to students and graduates who wish to work independently.


A fuller intern scheme description is attached. If you would like more information, please feel free to get in touch. If you are not the appropriate person to discuss this, please indicate who you feel we should contact.