Circle K International will be collecting donations for the ELIMINATE
project, while giving out cool ELIMINATE flowers.

What is ELIMINATE about?
ELIMINATE is a project dedicated to the cause of eliminating Maternal
Neonatal Tetanus; a fatal disease that kills a baby every 9 minutes. By
donating only $1.80  you can purchase a vaccination that can save a baby's
life and gives the mother immunity to the disease.

We will be outside of STAMP today between 11:00am & 4:00pm at the tables so
show your support by donating just a few dollars or any change you have in
your pocket. We will also be handing out handmade flowers symbolizing the
ELIMINATE project as a memento (great for gifts!!).

And if flowers aren't your thing then come to STAMP on Wednesday  at the
same time for a Bake Sale. We'll have lots of goodies so give in to your
sweet tooth and help save lives .