Chem 135 and 136 can be take in Summer II

CHEM136 General Chemistry Laboratory for Engineers  (1 credit)
Prerequisite: Completed or be concurrently enrolled in CHEM135.

The laboratory course includes 11 experiments covering concepts and
practical skills:
-	Volume and mass measurements; basic operations involving chemical
glassware and analytical balance; safety in a chemistry laboratory
-	Periodic properties of main group elements; identifying signs of a
chemical reaction and recording observations on a chemical process
-	Stoichiometry, concentration, percent yield, limiting reagent;
volumetric techniques
-	Heats of reaction; measuring and controlling temperature
-	Organic polymers, synthesis nylon 66; material testing techniques
-	Empirical formula; inorganic analysis methods
-	Reaction rates; solution kinetics techniques
-	Chemical equilibrium; manipulating chemical process yield
-	Electrochemical cells and electrolysis; current and voltage measurements
-	Ionization constant of a weak acid; operating a pH meter