Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Trondheim, Norway
Department of Energy and Process Engineering
PhD Position:
Evaluation and Optimization of Processes for Liquefaction of Natural Gas (LNG)
LNG is the fastest growing energy carrier in the world and has increasing importance for Norway. 
Sources of natural gas to be liquefied as well as application areas for LNG become increasingly 
diversified. This opens up for improving existing as well as developing new concepts for 
liquefaction of natural gas. Such plants are very energy intensive, and there is a need to evaluate, 
to compare and to improve process concepts for LNG production to increase their efficiency. This 
requires Process Modeling and Optimization in combination with advanced Thermodynamics and 
domain knowledge about Low Temperature (sub-ambient) Processes.
This research project is part of a collaboration program between NTNU and Massachusetts Institute 
of Technology (MIT) with funding from Statoil, the Research Council of Norway and NTNU. A 
research stay of 6-12 months at MIT in Cambridge (Boston), USA, will be a natural part of this PhD 
project. In fact, one professor at NTNU and one professor at MIT will jointly supervise the PhD 
In the Department of Energy and Process Engineering, there is an established research group 
working with Low Temperature Processes (such as LNG and ASU), Process Synthesis and 
Integration, Optimization and advanced Thermodynamics, including Exergy. The strategy of 
research in the group is to develop process concepts and design methodologies in parallel.
When recruiting to this position, emphasis will be put onthe competence of the applicant in as 
many as possible of the following areas: Process Integration, Design and Optimization of Process 
Plants (e.g. experience from Mathematical Programming and/or Stochastic Search Algorithms), 
Thermodynamics (including Exergy) and experience from Modeling and Simulation of such plants. 
Experience from industrial projects will be an added asset for the applicant.
The PhD fellowship is available for 4 years starting a.s.a.p. but no later than the 2nd half of 2013. 
There are no teaching duties for this position.
The application including a CV, transcripts from previouseducation, and any other relevant 
enclosures should be sent electronically to Mark your application with 
IVT- 51/13.
Application deadline: 20 May 2013

Contact person:
Professor Truls Gundersen ([log in to unmask]); phone: +47 916 817 26