A nutrition database group in Beltsville, MD, seeks a part-time Research Assistant.
Tasks include 1) compiling data for reports using Excel and Access; 2) designing data formats and graphing data using graphing software; 3) data entry and auditing of commercial dietary supplement product information; 4) managing documentation records of samples; 5) organizing and processing dietary supplement samples for shipment to laboratories; 6) participating with team members in research discussions and 7) documenting research activities and decisions.  The tasks performed will further a project to procure and analyze the ingredients in dietary supplements to support dietary intake research.  The University of Maryland Food Science and Nutrition Department is a collaborator for this project which is NIH funded and on site at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Student employees are hired through the University of Maryland.

This position requires logical thinking and organizational skills, the ability to accurately record and check data, communicate effectively in a team environment, and document project status.  Extensive experience in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint programs, interest in research studies and methodology, and excellent attention to detail are required qualifications.  Experience with Microsoft Access and experience with laboratory chemical analysis preferred.  This position averages 10 hours per week and can include additional work over summer break. Students who are currently sophomores or juniors are preferred.

To apply for this job, please send a resume and a cover letter highlighting your spreadsheet, data analysis and data graphing skills to:  Phuong-Tan Dang, [log in to unmask]

Applications accepted until May 15, 2013.

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