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Get campaign experience, volunteer hours, and even academic credit working
for Matthew Popkinıs campaign for a seat on the City Council of College

A graduate student in public policy and former UMD undergrad himself,
Matthew Popkin is putting together a team of students to run his campaign
in preparation for the City Council elections on November 5, 2013.

Matthewıs vision will be to focus on making College Park more than just a
³livable community.² For example, why donıt we have a grocery store within
walking distance? How can we make the surrounding area around the campus
safer for everyone? These kinds of issues, while pertinent to students,
fall outside the scope of the Universityıs reach. Itıs up to the City
Council to enact changes in the surrounding College Park community, and
thatıs why Matthew is running.

The entire campaign will be over by November 5, 2013. In just two months,
you could gain experience on a campaign that is local, accessible, and
directly important to College Park students.

Interested students could:

Work on policy initiatives
Develop and edit press releases
Work on the communications team
Help with outreach and voter registration efforts
Manage social media efforts and the campaign website
Hours are extremely flexible and depend on your responsibilities in the
campaign effort. Working for Matthewıs campaign may also count towards
academic credit as a fall fellowship (departmental permission required).

If youıre interested in volunteering for this extremely valuable and
unique opportunity, contact Sam Rivers as soon as possible at
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Check out Matthewıs campaign at http://www.popkinforcitycouncil.com.