Leapfrog Applications in APC and Plant Optimization

Oct 15, 2013


Anand Govindarajan
Upasana Manimegalai-Sridhar
R. Russell Rhinehart

Oklahoma State University


Please join us tomorrow for a presentation by Anand Govindarajan, Upasana Manimegalai-Sridhar, and R. Russell Rhinehart. They will give details on a new algorithm for solving problems in Advanced Process Control and Plant Optimization. The webinar session will be held tomorrow, Tuesday October 15, at 10 AM CDT.


Tutorial on Methods for State and Parameter Estimation

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Password: apm2013

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There is no pre-registration to participate but the session is limited to 25 participants. If you cannot join the session, it will be available later on the Modeling and Optimization Symposium YouTube channel in the list of recorded sessions.


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