Subject: WANTED:  Students’ stories about their experiences

WANTED:  Students’ stories about their experiences in science, math,
engineering, and computer science classes. The University of Minnesota is
participating in an important national study about what encourages students
to choose and persist in these majors, and what also influences their
decisions to switch away from these majors.  Students who volunteer are
offered $20 for participating in an interview or focus group.

Students may also be invited to fill out an online survey about their
experiences in an introductory science, technology, engineering or
mathematics course they have just taken.

Soon, you may receive an email invitation from your institution, your
instructor, or researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison or
University of Colorado-Boulder.  If you receive an invitation to interview,
please say “Yes.”  We'd really love to hear about your
experiences--especially if you've switched out of a science, computer
science, engineering, or math major.

*Your input will help shape the current nationwide efforts aimed at enhancing
the education of the next generation’s scientists, engineers, and

For more information please visit our project website at Talking about
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