Subject: Infectious Disease VMD-PhD training

SARS - AIDS - Ebola - Avian Influenza – Anthrax - Botulism - Plague - West
Nile Virus –Mad Cow Disease - Smallpox

Over 60% of all infectious diseases of animals can also affect humans, and
incidences of new, emerging zoonotic  infectious diseases are on the rise.
Veterinarian-scientists, by virtue of their broad experience in multiple
species and extensive training in both molecular and whole animal contexts,
are uniquely qualified to address the complex problems presented in modern
biomedical research.

For over 40 years, the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary
Medicine has provided an outstanding environment for the training of future
veterinarian-scientists through its VMD/PhD Program. Find out more about how
you can impact tomorrow ’s medicine for all species at

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