Hi whoever is looking at this! thanks for sending this out below:


Front End Engineer position available!

Procity - The ServiceNetwork has launched with 100+ members. We're looking
for some talent in HTML/CSS front end design to help beautify our interface.

Skills: *HTML*/*CSS *(little knowledge of PHP not necessary)/*Graphic

Payment: s*tipend available, *but we would prefer a long term commitment if

We want to recruit people dedicated to our *mission which is to
incentive-ize and reward those citizens who do good for society*.

Make no doubt we're already receiving interest, if you think you've got
what it takes with serious design skills/talent please send us an email at.

There will be a formal interview process at the Dingman Center for
Entrepreneurship at the Smith School of business.

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240-476-9346 (call or text)