Learning Enterprises is an *education- focused nonprofit* that recruits
hundreds of college- age volunteers to *teach conversation- based English
abroad* in developing and under- served communities.

LE is entirely *student- run* and requires *no program fees*!

Volunteer in *China, Panama, Thailand, Mauritius, Poland, Hungary/
Slovakia, Romania/ Croatia, Mongolia, Brazil, or Moldova. *

We promise it will be one of the *most* rewarding experiences. Students
from all over the world have participated in the multiple programs Learning
Enterprises has to offer. Most college students teach more than one summer,
join the LE staff, or have gone back to their villages to conduct research
through grants and other initiatives. The LE family has impacted our lives
significantly after doing the Thailand and Romania/Croatia programs a year
ago, and today we are still heavily involved.


*Thursday, Feb. 6th @ 7:00-8:00 PM: McKeldin, 2nd Floor (Room 2100G)*

***Stop by *any time* during the allotted one-hour block for a chat with
the Campus Directors!

*REGULAR DEADLINE: February 16th*

APPLY: *http://www.learningenterprises.org/programs*<http://www.learningenterprises.org/programs>

*Questions or want to hear more about our stories? Please contact:*

Kavya Sundar - [log in to unmask]

Melissa Nickols - [log in to unmask]

*Facebook: *https://www.facebook.com/LEatUMD

*Tumblr:* http://learningenterprises.tumblr.com/