Dear colleagues:

I should like to bring your attention to NTNU's Fellowship initiative 
that seeks highly motivated and gifted PostDoc candidates. It provides 
an excellent opportunity to define a project and write a proposal with a 
participating professor at NTNU's Faculty of Natural Sciences and 
Technology to seek funding from the EU.

The program has been very successful in the last years and we expect to 
have equally successful candidates for this year.

Please ask interested candidates to take contact with me 
([log in to unmask]). Deadline for the application to the 
Faculty for getting the proposal preparation process under way is the 
28th of March, as indicated below. For more details please point the 
interested to the program webpage

Best regards
Heinz Preisig


*F*ellows *I*nitiative *N*atural *S*ciences (FINS)

Career development for junior scientists at the Faculty of Natural 
Sciences and Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim 
is Norway's primary institution for educating the nation's future 
engineers and scientists and is one of the leading universities in 
Scandinavia with an annual budget of about EUR 600 million and 
approximately 25000 students.

The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology (NT) at NTNU has set up 
the FINS initiative to support excellent junior scientists from outside 
Norway, who plan to submit applications for independent research 
fellowships (such as Marie Curie Individual Fellowships, etc.) in order 
to pursue an academic research career. The initiative aims to highlight 
research opportunities for candidates with members of the NT faculty and 
to assist the best candidates with the development of their fellowship 
applications. /Last year eight Marie Curie fellowship applications were 
submitted by candidates supported through the FINS initiative with three 
of them (38%) being successful. The average success rate for this type 
of EU funding was 12% in 2013. //_Importantly, the initiative has also 
the financial means to support one outstanding candidate if he/she fails 
to meet the funding threshold._/

We are looking forward to applications from promising young researchers 
who have already published (at least) one manuscript as first author in 
a peer-reviewed journal and have scientific interests that match 
research activities already taking place in the departments involved. An 
overview of NTNU principal investigators participating in the initiative 
and details on the application procedure can be found on the website

We will select from the applications the most interesting candidates and 
invite them to come to Trondheim for a symposium at the end of May 
(reasonable travel expenses will be covered). This will give the 
candidates the opportunity to present their past research achievements, 
discuss future research / career plans with senior NTNU academics and 
get to know one of the most popular places to live and work in Norway.

*Deadline for application is Friday, 28th March 2014.*


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