The Charles R Drew Pre-Med/ Health Society will be having a GBM on
Thursday April 24th at 7 p.m.

We are so excited to have Dr. Alan Kravitz join us! He is one of the
top general surgeons in the area, and he has a very refreshing
perspective on health care in this country!
He is the only surgeon in the country who performs hernia surgeries in
an outpatient clinic for the lowest flat rate possible.  This is
significant because he is a pioneer in providing affordable healthcare
to the uninsured!

He has asked that we share this article with our members, as it will
offer a little insight into what he wants to discuss with us during
the meeting: Please read it if
you get the chance!

The meeting will be this Thursday, April 24th at 7 pm in the regular
room, Banjamin Banneker room.