The Systems Research Institute for Chemical and Biological Processes at Tufts University ( is anticipating two openings for postdoctoral researchers in the immediate future. This is a call for expression of interest in such positions.  The first position aims to develop data-driven and knowledge-driven models, or a combination of both, for reacting systems for small molecule pharmaceutical processes. This project is in cooperation with two leading pharmaceutical companies aiming to develop novel chemometric and kinetic modeling methodologies and have a significant impact to practice. The second position is in collaboration with a leading biopharmaceutical company. The project aims to utilize historical biopharmaceutical process data to develop a combination of data-driven and knowledge-driven models, which will enable online control of batch processes. The ideal person for either openings should have a PhD in Chemical Engineering or a closely related area, with expertise in Process Systems Engineering as well as experiences in statistical and multivariable data analysis.  Interested candidates should email Professor Christos Georgakis ([log in to unmask]) a CV, a list of 4 names of professional references and a page-long statement explaining the candidate’s interest in the position and, most importantly, highlighting past experiences and achievements that ensure success in the related research tasks.  


Professor Christos GEORGAKIS 
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering 
Director, Systems Research Institute 

Room 273, 4 Colby Street, Medford MA 02155, USA
Phone: 617-627-2573;