Dear all,

We are organizing an invited session with the tentative title "Optimal 
Control of Uncertain Systems" at the 2015 American Control Conference 
(please see The aim of the 
invited session is to present the recent advances on optimal control of 
systems with stochastic uncertainties. Application-oriented contributions 
are encouraged.  

In case you are willing to contribute to the session, please inform us at 
your earliest convenience. We would require the title and the abstract of 
your contribution by September 1 to prepare the invited session proposal. 
The full paper is due on September 26.

Best regards,

Ali Mesbah (University of California-Berkeley, Department of Chemical and 
Biomolecular Engineering)

Stefan Streif (Otto-von-Guericke Universitaet Magdeburg, Germany)

Ali Mesbah

Assistant Professor 
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
University of California, Berkeley