Subject: Medical Anthropology Course - Spring 2015

ANTH 472 (Medical Anthropology) is a course in Spring 2015 open to
all UMD students. It will guide students to a more complete understanding of
how different individuals perceive and experience the social, economic, and
political dimensions of health, disease, and illness. Using various
theoretical perspectives in anthropology, we will examine the culture of both
health-seekers and care-providers. The seminar is framed around the human
life course; ethical issues in medicine relevant to each life stage will be
discussed. Other major themes include the social determinants of health,
health disparities and equity, race and health, and the future of healthcare.
Readings will focus on ethnography and case studies to emphasize applications
of anthropology to students’ future professional undertakings. Again, to
foster a rich learning environment, students of all majors, interests, and
years are encouraged to enroll. Please contact Dr. Judith Freidenberg
([log in to unmask]) or the class TA ([log in to unmask]) for any

Contact Person: Sanjay Chainani
Contact Email: [log in to unmask]