Subject: Procity - Rewarding Those Who Do Good

Procity, a new campus startup/organization, is gathering a team of
like-minded leaders, entrepreneurs, and change agents.Currently, Procity is a
network that rewards people who do-good with a virtual currency (ProPoints)
redeemable for business rewards and discounts. We see a world where people
are rewarded for the good in their hearts and not the money in their pockets.
What vision do you see? We need people like you to spearhead this financially
funded venture!

The team will have programmers, marketers, social media gurus, and overall
innovative thinkers. We are looking forward to connecting with you to discuss
this opportunity! Please reply to [log in to unmask] with a resume and
availability on Monday, October 6th. Food will be served.

Best Regards,
Chris L. & Dev K.

Contact Person: Christopher Lane
Contact Email: [log in to unmask]