To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Stacy Nakintu and I am the president of International Student
Union at  UMD.

We are hosting an event, *Adversity & Diversity: Growth, Communication, &
Understanding* in the Grand Ballroom Lounge from 8- pm tomorrow .

This event will consist of an open dialogue on:

   - Cultural norms and challenges (discussing cultural adaptation/
   cultural shock)
   - Navigating the challenges associated with cultural adaptation &
   fostering new relationships as one integrates into a new community
   - As international students or global citizens, do we play an
   "ambassador" role for a native homes? Are we cultural representatives of
   our native homes?

 I was told to contact you with regards to sending the above information to
your wider listerv.

We would greatly appreciate it and I hope that you can make it as well.



Stacy D. Nakintu
International Student Union

University of Maryland | Class of 2015
College of Behavioral & Social Sciences
Economics, Mathematics

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