Subject: Searching for undergraduate research assistants for Spring semester,

I am a fourth-year Doctoral candidate in the Biological Sciences BEES
program. I am currently conducting research with the ecological model plant
system, Mimulus guttatus. I am interested in the role that genetics and
mating system evolution play in facilitating the invasive success of
introduced species. For the 2015 spring semester, I will be taking on
undergraduates interested in acquiring experience with ecological research.
The work will take place, for the most part, in the UMD greenhouse on the
north side of campus. Assistants will be required to work 3-6 hours/week
throughout the semester, and must be flexible with their time and able to
work some weekend hours. Honors students in Biology are highly encouraged to
apply. Work will involve taking measurements of plants, general maintenance
of plants throughout the semester, and data entry. Assistants will earn
either 1 or 2 research credits via BSCI399.
This is a great opportunity to learn about research techniques that address
novel questions in plant ecology and evolution. It will also look good on a
Interested applicants can contact me, Jason Berg, at the following email

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Positions are limited, and only a select few students will be asked to
schedule an interview.

Jason Berg

Contact Person: Jason Berg
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