Subject: Internship Opportunity: Software Engineer

Internship Opportunity:  Software Engineer to assist in building Search

•	Design and implement automated search engine
•	Assist in the development of components for the web based solution that
requires multi-dimensional search

Minimum Qualifications:
•	Pursuing a B.S. in Engineering or Computer Science
•	Substantial Javascript, PHP and HTML experience
•	Experience in cross-browser programming and debugging
•	Ruby-on-rails development experience
•	Experience with Lucene, Solr and other search engines preferred

Duration - 3 months.

Preoria’s mission is to create a state-of-the-art search engine that
utilizes multi-dimensional matching algorithms, indexing with caches and can
seamlessly plug in with existing web based solutions. The cloud based,
automated search engine performs search and matching for the user at all
times and is applicable to a wide variety of different vertical markets. The
start-up team is working on innovative ways to interface, communicate and
create a full comprehensive web and mobile based solution.

The internship is paid at $15 per hour, with flexible hours and the intern
can work on a part time while attending school.  Work can be completed
virtually, as Preoria is based San Jose, CA.

If excited by this opportunity, please email your resume and a short
paragraph on why you want to work on this project to Prem Sakarda at
[log in to unmask] or call (978) 809-8640

Contact Person: Prem Sakarda
Contact Email: [log in to unmask]
Contact Phone Number: 978-809-8640