Dear Students,

Operation Wallacea <>  is a biodiversity research and
conservation management organization hosting scientific expeditions in
Indonesia, Transylvania, South Africa, Madagascar, Peru, Guyana, Honduras
and Mexico. These research sites are run in remote locations with the help
of university volunteers and academics from around the world.

Students can join the research expeditions during the summer months to
gain experience with field research and data collection:

Research Assistants - volunteers gain experience performing various survey
methods and taking field ecology training courses; serves as a
volunteer-based internship and some credit options are available.

Thesis Students - Operation Wallacea provides support for students to
collect data for a thesis project at the undergraduate or Master's level.

* <>
Expedition Medicine Course - a chance for Pre-Med students to experience
field medicine with expedition teams working in remote areas.

There are funding opportunities available from within our organization:

Most importantly, all the research goes towards protecting valuable
ecosystems by levering funding and monitoring the success of various
conservation management strategies. To learn more about these research
opportunities and conservation management programs, please feel free to
email us [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> for more details.

Best wishes,
Dr Tim Coles OBE
Project Director and Founder, Operation Wallacea
Publisher of Biodiversity Science
Senior Research Associate, Zoology Department, Oxford University

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