This is a friendly reminder of the 4th meeting of  iSchool Innovation & 
Entrepreneurship Reading Group, Monday, 2/16, 2pm, in Hornbake 2116. 
Attached is a summary of the article we will discuss.

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Subject: 	Digital Innovations in the Public Sector, Invitation #4
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Dear Colleague,

In President Obama's FY2016 Budget, the total planned federal spending
on information technology (IT) is estimated to be $86.4 billion, which
amounts to $267 per capita. Each state government, on average, spends
approximately 5% of its revenues on IT. Does this enormous amount of
spending create enough value to the public that justifies the investment?

Value creation in the public sector is very different from that in
private industries because public organizations pursue goals and serve
needs that are very different from those in business firms. Although
research abounds to understand the business value of IT, the public
value of digital technologies requires more attention in both practice
and research.

How do organizations in the public sector use IT resources to serve the
public more efficiently and effectively? How do they use digital
technologies to enable and drive government and social innovations? If
these questions interest you, please join us on Monday, February 16, 2-3
pm, in Hornbake 2116, for the fourth meeting of the iSchool Innovation &
Entrepreneurship Reading Group. Light, healthy refreshments will be

On February 16, we will discuss the following article:
Pang, M.-S., Lee, G., and DeLone, W. "IT Resources, Organizational
Capabilities, and Value Creation in Public-Sector Organizations: A
Public-Value Management Perspective," Journal of Information Technology
(29:2), 2014, pp. 187-205. Available at

Emily Goering from the School of Social Work, University of Maryland,
Baltimore will lead the discussion.

The iSchool Innovation & Entrepreneurship Reading Group
( aims to disseminate and advance knowledge
of innovation and entrepreneurship. In Spring 2015, we meet on Mondays,
2-3 pm to discuss classic and new articles on key issues in innovation
and entrepreneurship, in conjunction with INST 621: Managing Digital
Innovations in Organizations. All members (students, staff, and faculty)
of the UMD community are welcome to attend any session. This group is
sponsored by the Center for the Advanced Study of Communities and
Information (CASCI) and hosted by Dr. Ping Wang ([log in to unmask]). See our
full schedule at .

Ping Wang, Ph.D.
University of Maryland, College Park