Webinar Tomorrow

Dr. Jeff Renfro from Honeywell Process Solutions will deliver a CAST webinar tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10 AM CDT. He will talk on Equation Oriented Dynamic Modeling: A Perspective on Progress and Challenges. Join the webinar (no registration required) from the following link: http://apmonitor.com/wiki/index.php/Main/ApplicationWebinars  


Dynamic Optimization Course: (http://apmonitor.com/do)

The Dynamic Optimization Course is finishing this next week with final project presentations. The final exam is now posted and is due Wednesday. Thanks to everyone who participated – the 49 videos in the course playlist have been viewed 92,600 times covering a range of topics from simulation, dynamic data, estimation, and control. A suggested pre-requisite, Optimization Techniques in Engineering, is also available for those who need introductory background in optimization methods.


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