Subject: Support Team VESSEL's Vascular Graft Research!

Cardiac bypass, a procedure frequently used to treat cardiovascular disease,
is best performed with the patient’s own tissue. Unfortunately for many
patients, this is not an option, so engineered grafts are used to mimic the
patient’s native tissue. Currently, many of the engineered grafts implanted
into small diameter blood vessels are prone to mechanical and biochemical

Gemstone's Team VESSEL seeks to create viable grafts for small blood vessels
by biochemically modifying silk fibroin, a promising biomaterial. We hope to
increase both the strength and biocompatibility of vascular grafts through
our research.

Currently, we are fundraising through LaunchUMD and would appreciate any
donations, no matter how small! Help us reach our goal!

The link to donate is

Again, we appreciate any support we can get! Thank you!

Contact Person: Moli Karsalia
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