Subject: Linux Website Designer Needed For NSF Grant

We are looking for a UMD student with website building experience that can
create a page off of the Provost's main webpage (
   for a new National Science Foundation grant awarded to Dr. KerryAnn 
   The Faculty Workload and Rewards Project grant is a three-year experiment
among STEM and Social Science departments to design and implement
department-based organizational practices that make faculty workloads more
transparent and equitable.

The Provost's webpage uses a standard Linux operating system, and the most
common content management system used to edit it is dreamweaver. The student
that is hired would need to meet with the research team to learn about the
specifications of the content and design, and then build the webpage within a
span of 2-3 weeks. The student would be compensated $1,000 for their work.

Please contact Courtney Lennartz, the Research Assistant for this grant, if
interested in this opportunity.

Event Date: November 1, 2015
Contact Person: Courtney Lennartz
Contact Email: [log in to unmask]
Website URL: http://