Subject: Microbiology Teaching Internships--Spring 2016

We are looking for knowledgeable and enthusiastic undergraduates to help us
teach General Microbiology (BSCI223) and Principles of Microbiology (BSCI283)
in Spring 2016.

Check out:  BSCI348A = Microbiology Teaching Practicum - Microbiology
Teaching Internship

     *earn 3 credits
     *work side-by-side with a Graduate Teaching Assistant to help students
learn microbiology in lab
     *work with faculty to develop and implement new teaching strategies.

TO APPLY – send an email to Dr. Stewart at [log in to unmask]
Subject line: microUTA
In your email provide:
   * your gpa,
   * the list of BSCI courses that you have completed (or are enrolled in),
   * a brief statement describing why you would like to be a UTA and why you
think you will be good at it,
   * lab sections offered in Spring 2016 that would fit your schedule (check
the schedule of classes).

*Students must have completed BSCI223 or BSCI283 with a grade of A or B and
overall gpa of >3.2
*Third and Fourth year students with a strong desire to develop skills in
microbiology and communication will be favored.
*Positions are filled on a rolling basis; earlier applicants have a better
chance of finding a lab section that fits their schedule.

Although this internship is not a paid position, UTA's from previous years
found this to be a valuable experience for many reasons.

Contact Person: Richard Stewart, Ph.D.
Contact Email: [log in to unmask]
Contact Phone Number: 55475