Subject: Submit a UMD crowdfunding application today

Dear CMNS students—

Launch UMD ( is now accepting applications for its
30-day spring crowdfunding rounds. The deadline for submitting applications
for the spring is December 11 (for best consideration). The application is
available at Let me know if you have an idea that you
want to propose and I’ll be happy to provide feedback on your application
before you submit it for review.

What could you do with $5,000 or $10,000 or more, to support a student
project, trip, activity, lab, course or competition? Do you have any projects
coming up or things that you dream of doing but just don’t have the
necessary funding? UMD’s crowdfunding effort called Launch UMD
( could provide the funding you need!

Crowdfunding is a great way to engage members of the UMD community, including
alumni and families of students, with specific, exciting projects initiated
by our students, faculty and staff. Money can be used for things like
equipment, competitions, sending students to a conference or training or to
conduct research; and sustainability and community efforts.

Launch UMD began in April 2014 with a pilot round of five crowdfunding
projects, all of which met and exceeded their fundraising goals. Last fall, a
CMNS entomology project to “save the bees” by placing sentinel hives
around the state of Maryland blew past its initial goal of $8,000 and raised
$24,105. Another CMNS project to purchase a 3-D scanner and printer for
geology raised $8,000, which was $1,000 more than its goal. CMNS projects
last spring raised more than $5,000 to bring the Baltimore Checkerspot
Butterfly back to campus and nearly $9,000 to build an astronomy all-sky
camera network in Maryland. CMNS projects this fall raised $10,000 to
purchase a weather balloon system and $4,000 for a K-12 STEM tutoring and
mentoring program.

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