Subject: Scavenger Hunt for Research - Prizes

All UMD students are eligible to participate in a scavenger hunt run by a
research team at START this Friday (11:30-3:30). Prizes include iPads and

Every day, we are surrounded by non-­threatening levels of natural
radiation. This radiation comes from common household items like water
softener, kitty litter, and building materials such as marble and granite.
These radiation sources are not harmful, but they are interesting. We are
inviting you to participate in a game that will map these non­-harmful
levels of radiation with small, portable radiation detectors that can be
carried on your person. By agreeing to participate in this game you will
contribute to a larger body of knowledge that will help us better understand
the world around us, and how to identify sources of radiation in general.

We have organized an on-­campus scavenger hunt-­type game where you will be
asked to explore different locations, both inside and outside, while solving
clues that will help you advance in the game. The most successful
participants will win prizes like iPads or gift cards! If you are a student
at the University of Maryland, and can spend 3-­4 hours moving about campus
at a walking pace, and are willing to help us better understand radiation in
our daily lives, then we want you to participate!

Register here:

Thanks so much. Email Michelle Jacome with any questions. [log in to unmask]

Contact Person: Michelle Jacome
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